Even though there have been many speculations, on July 30, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that there was no heath risk to young children playing on synthetic turf.

BuyTurfDirect.com was pleased to note that the CPSC's findings were inline with those released earlier this year by the Centers for Disease Control, as well as other distinguished state departments of heath have supported this safety measure.

However, at the request of our customers we have several synthetic turf product lines that are made of only LEAD FREE fibers and are friendly to people, pets and the environment.

Additionally, the installation of BuyTurfDirect.com turf grass eliminates the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, and herbicides, while at the same time removes thousands of tires from landfill sites. Our grass products also require no mowing, fertilizing, reseeding or watering. Therefore by the reusing rubber content and water use reduction, among other factors, BuyTurfDirect.com can contribute to many areas of environmental protection.

No matter what, BuyTurfDirect.com has the product solutions that are right for you and your family.