Why Buy From Us?

For over 30 years, Dalton Carpet has been a factory direct supplier of wholesale carpet and flooring! Yes, since 1987 it has been our goal to provide a valuable service and quality products! This gives you 30 years of experience and knowledgeable service that can help you get the flooring best suited for your needs while saving you 30-70% off of retail prices. Going direct means you cut out the retail store pricing, which is big savings to you!

Buying carpet direct has never been easier…bigger selections, and so easy on your pocket book! Choose DaltonCarpet.com when you need value, yet aren't willing to give up quality! Worried about shipping costs? Don't be! We are happy to say that customers are pleasantly surprised at the low shipping costs! We have special rates from the freight carriers, and we pass that savings on to you! And think about it, your carpet has to be shipped, no matter where you purchase, and those shipping costs are simply built into the high retail pricing! So pick you product and amount, give us a call, and let us get you an exact price for your freight!

In the early days, over 90% of our business was residential and commercial carpet. Since that time we have become a full-service wholesale flooring center for gymnasium floors, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl floors, and luxury vinyl planks or LVP. We will help you select the product that will perform to your expectations, and meet your budget. We know the correct underlayments, adhesives, and other accessories needed to complete your flooring project.

Our philosophy has always been to have the best knowledge of products, help you choose the floor that best meets your budget and needs, and treat every customer with respect and honesty. Through all the years, we are honored to say that even though we have grown through two warehouses and moves to expand, we continue to remain true to the simplicity of offering the best values, and pride ourselves in always using our professional experience, and expert training to assist our customers. We always have an installation tech on site, to help you with any questions.

Our continued success through the years is built on our low pricing, high volume, quick shipping, and customer service that strives to be the most rewarding experience for you. We know that without you, our customer, we would not have a job, so it is always a pleasure to serve you and your flooring needs. We always appreciate the opportunity to serve you. One of our experienced representatives is ready to assist you. You can call us at 1-800-338-7811, email us at sales@daltoncarpet.com, or click on the chat button.

Our products go through three inspections to ensure the best quality to you! Our goal is to provide a valuable service, in a professional manner while offering quality discount products. We strive to maintain a positive working environment that reflects honesty, integrity, and fairness when dealing with our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and also our competitors. We actively continue to educate ourselves on current developments within the floor covering industry so we may better serve our customers. We constantly hold ourselves to the ideal of excellence in all that we do, and reflect that high standard in all that we encounter.

We appreciate, and ask for your reviews and personal experience on your floor covering purchase. Don't miss a chance to go over and read reviews from previous customers! We pride ourselves in the best customer service and carpet knowledge in the industry! 

We have carpet for every need...Residential, commercial, gymnasium floors, public space, churches, solid, patterns, even black light responsive (glow in the dark) carpet! We also surge or bind any carpet to any size rug or stair runner you need. So, select your carpet, and we will make a rug to your custom size. Call us today at 800-338-7811, email us at sales@daltoncarpet.com or click the chat button! As always, we look forward to talking with you!

Save Money on Your Carpet Experience

We all have dreams and ideas for the special place we call home. Whether it's a new home you are building or a remodel that you have been saving up time and money to accomplish. But more often than not, our dreams and ideas are cut short when it comes to flooring. Why? Because often times retail pricing puts the look we want out of our budget. Most choose not to go forward simply because the cost is simply too great. We want to help make your ideas a reality! That's why we at DaltonCarpet.com make it affordable to put your ideas on the floor. With savings up to 50%, you have just given yourself more options.

Buy Direct

Did you know that almost half of every dollar you spend on a retail carpet goes directly into the retailer's pocket? When you buy direct from DaltonCarpet.com, you get wholesale discount pricing without the hidden retail markup. The truth about shipping costs...

If you decide to purchase carpet from a wholesaler, the seller will find the best shipping rate based on contracts they have established with common carriers. In some areas of the country, this can be as little as $.35 a yard. While freight charges have escalated recently, remember... your local carpet retailer pays these same rates to ship carpet from Dalton GA to their showroom!Retailers simply build in your shipping costs. Why not know exactly what you're being charged?

Make The Right Choice

Experienced and established discount carpet wholesalers, like Daltoncarpet.com, are more knowledgeable about carpet construction and performance because they are based in the carpet manufacturer hub, therefore, they can help you make the best choice for your project from the beginning and avoid costly mistakes.

Do The Work Yourself

You’re probably not able to install the carpet—leave that to the professional carpet installers. However, you can save money by taking up the old carpet and pad. You can save money by moving your furniture in and out of the rooms. The tear up of your carpet might be messy and dirty. You will need to make arrangements to have the old pad and carpet hauled away.

Planning Can Save You Dollars

If you need the carpet installed for your daughter’s wedding on Saturday, you will pay a premium price and have fewer carpet choices. (Not a good deal!) By giving yourself more flexibility about when you need the carpet and the types of carpet choices, you gain the upper hand. You control the shopping process rather than being controlled by other circumstances in your life.

Don't Pay For Carpet Quality You Don't Need

No sense spending $25 per square yard for carpet when you expect to move or build in two years. On the other hand, spending too little may result in uncleanable, flat, dead carpet on the floor for many years to come. Keep in mind that most carpet doesn't "wear out" as much as it "uglies out."

Beware of Marketing Ploys

  1. Private Labeling
    There are a lot of different carpet brand names to choose from. And although many of these brands are the same type and quality of carpet, they are all sold at different prices. Actually, many different carpet brands are the exact same carpet with different names. A lot of big-box and chain stores do this to hide your ability to shop prices, in fact, they enjoy this confusion because it helps them maintain their high-profit margins which pay for their large, expensive retail stores. Buying direct from DaltonCarpet.com avoids those expensive traps and gives you value in your flooring purchase.
  2. The “Fiber Face Weight” Ripoff
    This happens when a sales person tells you that a carpet has a face weight that is higher than it actually is. They know that if a customer wants to get an actual face weight measurement, that customer would have to spend at least $200 to have the carpet tested, and that is only if the customer could figure out how to go about having it tested. Unfortunately, it is common in the carpet industry for sales people to inflate these numbers when they know you will probably never know the truth, all done in order to get a sale. The only real way to be sure of your face weight is to buy from an established carpet supplier who is honest enough to put the weight in writing (either online or in spec form on their samples). nbsp; At DaltonCarpet.com you will always find the face weight and total weight printed for your peace of mind. We have been in business for over 25 years - you can count on DaltonCarpet.com for accurate information for a good experience in your flooring purchase.
  3. The “Pad/Carpet Cushion Weight Density” Ripoff
    This happens when a sales person tells you that a carpet pad has a density that is higher than it actually is. Again they know that it would be almost impossible for a customer to get an actual pad weight density measurement. Unfortunately, it is common in the big box stores for sales people to lie or ignorantly give you wrong information when they know you will probably never know the truth in order to get a sale. The only real way to be sure of your pad weight density is to buy from an established carpet supplier who is honest enough to put the pad weight density in writing (either online or in spec form on their samples). At DaltonCarpet.com you will always find the pad weight density printed for your peace of mind. 
  4. The “Guaranteed Lowest Price” Ploy
    Retailers, usually big box or chain stores, who offer this guarantee can do so because they are private labeling the brand that is being guaranteed. That retailer is the only retailer that carries that brand of carpet, which is why they can not be undersold. You can usually find a better value elsewhere.

If you are thinking about buying carpet, the first bit of advice is to get to know the person you will be buying from. The cheapest dealer is not always the best. You want to find someone whom you can trust and who understands carpet. Buying carpet should be a pleasant experience. Buying from someone who tries to sell you carpet that is not well suited to your needs will make it a miserable experience. At DaltonCarpet.com, we know flooring its all we do and we've been doing it for over 25 years. Our job is selling flooring. Saving you money is our pleasure!