Imagine a lawn that is clean, low maintenance, safe from dog wear and tear, and available 365 days a year! With artificial pet turf your yard can have a beautiful area for your dogs every day without the hassles and expense of maintaining a natural lawn. Dogs love that it's soft and looks and feels just like real grass. You'll love that your dogs can't dig through it, your yard is always available, muddy spots and yellow grass are gone, and no more muddy paws or dirty pets!

In addition to being found in many residential settings, pet turf is also used at pet kennels, doggie day cares, veterinarian and other commercial facilities. Synthetic grass and artificial turf has enjoyed increased use with pets for both residential and commercial projects because it works!

Synthetic pet turf is found in large areas such as a back yard, or smaller side yards and play areas. Whether transforming a small area or your entire back yard, installing a synthetic pet turf will create a hassle free application that you and your pets will enjoy for years to come.

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