Nylon vs. Polyester: Which Material Is Best?

Great question! There isn't really a 1-2-3 easy answer for which fiber is best. It has a lot to do with the application and what performance you need from the carpet. Let us see if we can do each fiber justice.

Nylon is considered to be the best wearing fiber, yet also the most expensive and some would even go so far as to say over priced. It has NO stain resistance and has to be chemically treated to resists stains. This adds costs for the chemical and for the labor to add the chemical. But again your benefit is that it does wear some better than the polyester.

Polyester has a bad name from the 1970's when the carpet manufacturers were looking for ways to cut costs and it was poorly done due to that fact, and also due to technology. However, the polyester fiber is naturally stain resistant and doesn't require any added chemicals which many people prefer, AND makes it much more cost effective. Today's technology has highly increased the wear. Many now say that nylon and polyester are very comparable in durability.

Our philosophy is if you, the customer, are expecting a product to last 7-10 years and then change out due to color or style, go with a more cost effective fiber. On the other hand, if you need a product to last 10-15 years it may well be worth investing in a more expensive carpet.

Another huge factor that we haven't even mentioned is density and pile height. Both of these also play a role in wear and durability.

All if this is strictly our thoughts and opinions. We've been in the carpet industry for 20+ years and even though we have seen a lot there are still many variables when talking about carpet and fibers. Bottom line, if you're dealing with lots of children and stains and a budget, definitely consider either a residential cut pile polyester (such as a plush, texture, or frieze) or a loop style berber. If you're in a situation where you have major traffic areas and you need the carpet to withstand 10 years or more, (and know that you will not want to change due to color trends or style) most likely you will want to stick with a nylon.

We are consistently working to provide products that are very durable, cost effective and up to date with the newest trends. Quality carpet and flooring add value to your home, which is vital in today's market.

If you have more specific questions, please feel free to email or call at your convenience.