The installation checklist

Here are a few things you should discuss with your installer to make sure the installation of your carpet goes smoothly. Be sure to review the plan again with your installer before the job begins. The following points should be agreed to in writing:

  • Accurate measurements showing roll direction and seam placement. as well as details in areas requiring special consideration such as stairs and closets.
  • Explanations of areas where the new carpet will transition to other flooring surfaces such as ceramic or other existing carpet.
  • An analysis of the sub-floor surface. Your installer will need to make certain the floor is consistent and level enough to accept your new carpet. Even minor unevenness can become apparent once the new carpet is laid.
  • How the carpet will be stretched - manually or with a power stretcher?
  • Who will move the furniture and where? Specifically discuss unusually large or delicate items.
  • Who will remove existing carpet?
  • Who will dispose of old carpet and carpet padding? Make sure there's a clear path for the installers to get the carpet roll into the room. Carpet rolls can be 12 or 15 feet long. so installers will need plenty of room to maneuver.

Installation By
We specialize in churches and gymnasium floors. We have an installation team that travels nationwide to provide professional installation for you. We also provide residential installation in some areas in the Southern region of the United States. Please call for further details.