Answer 'Yes' to the following questions and you're probably a good candidate for artificial turf.

Do You Have Dogs that Destroy Your Grass?
You can't grow grass. Your yard is always dirty and messy. Your dogs are constantly digging in your yard. And the list goes on. You simply can't keep a healthy-looking lawn (or any lawn) in your yard.

Is Mud in Your House an Issue?
Besides having a muddy yard that looks bad and that you can't use, you can't keep your kitchen and other areas of your house clean because mud is constantly being tracked in from your yard by your dogs or kids. You find that keeping your house clean is a constant chore!

Do You Live in an Urban Area?
Even if you are not a dog owner, you may have shady conditions, poor soil conditions, shallow tree roots, or pollution that keeps killing your grass. City parkways typically experience these conditions due to vehicular, pedestrian, and 'walked-dog' traffic. It's these conditions that keep your grass from staying alive, let alone healthy-looking!

Do You Want a Maintenance-Free Lawn?