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We do our best to make shipping as easy as one, two, three!  Feel free to chat, call or email us with the product, the amount, and the ship to location so we can get you an exact rate.  Shipping isn’t a big deal at all!  When you buy retail, shipping is built in to the high retail pricing.  When you buy wholesale from we break it down so that you know exactly what you pay for shipping.  And you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
Southeast Region-$.06-.10 Per Square Foot
Midwest Region-$.10-.15 Per Square Foot
West Coast-$.13-.20 Per Square Foot
All freight is subject to minimum charge when less than 1200 square feet
Please note that all shipping and freight estimates listed are “estimates”, and do change depending on how far you are from the Service Center hubs and type of delivering location/facility.  So we highly recommend that you call for an exact rate quote for your specific shipment.  This list is meant to give you a general idea, and are not expected to be an exact formula, as quantity also is a factor.   All posted estimates are for will call pick up at the nearest Service Center, and based on 1,200 square feet or more.  Freight quotes given are generally valid for five to thirty days depending on the carrier.  
Once Your Order Has Shipped
To best serve our customer, you will be notified via email once your shipment has left our facility.  You will be provided with your order shipment information so that you may contact the carrier direct, for your convenience.  This will provide you with a more a more exact time for your delivery.  
We only use freight carriers that have proven track records of timely delivery and excellent service.  For the most economical shipping, we recommend to arrange to pick up your shipment at the nearest service center (we can supply you with that information) or have it delivered to a commercial business zone with a dock facility, and 53 foot trailer access.  If either of those are not an option, we can arrange for delivery direct to your home.  Select freight carriers are able to deliver to a residential and limited access zone and do charge extra for this service.  That charge varies depending on the carrier. Most items are ship only.  We do not offer collect, COD, third party or independent shipments.  
We at take every precaution to prepare your shipment for transit from Georgia to your destination.  Each roll or pallet is individually wrapped and sealed in strong weather polyurethane film, for excellent protection.
Upon Arrival-Be Prepared
If you are expecting delivery to your business, home, job site, etc it does require you to have labor and/or machinery to unload your shipment. Once your flooring has arrived, it is important that you inspect the product before signing. All products are inspected as they are packed for shipment, and again when the order is picked up by the freight carrier. To insure that there has been no damage during transit be sure to check for any damage to packaging or to the product. Also, always count your freight and note any discrepancies (be specific) on the receipt you are signing. We choose quality carriers that specialize in flooring products, so it is very unusual for this to happen, but if it has any damage be sure to put detailed information on the freight receipt that you will sign.

Five Reasons Smart Shoppers Buy Wholesale And Ship

1-Smart Shoppers know buying direct is a huge savings.

2-Smart Shoppers know not all salespeople are equal.  Since 1987 we have been covering floors across America.   At our flooring techs are trained extensively in fibers, qualities, and expert advice.   We provide professional advice for you to select the products you need for your specific application.  All we sell is flooring, and sharing our expert advice with you is always a plus.  We use our experience to help you make the best choice for your floor covering needs with the newest flooring technology available..

3-Smart Shoppers know that shipping isn’t a big deal at all!  When you buy retail, shipping is built in to the high retail pricing.  When you buy from we break it down so that you know exactly what you pay for shipping.  And you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

4-Smart Shoppers skip the hassle of driving back and forth to retail stores - we bring the store to you!  Save money.  Save time.

5-Smart Shoppers know that most retailers buy from Dalton, the Carpet Capitol of the World, right where most carpet is made.


Don’t forget to go grab your samples, and begin the process of being a Smart Shopper.  I’m telling you, you’re going to fall in love with the quality and savings.

Shop At Home Convenience. brings hundreds of flooring styles, right to your front door.  Then simply call us, the carpet professionals for one on one advice.  Matching colors in your own home or commercial facility is so much better than seeing colors under harsh industrial lighting.  So now, you can skip the hassle of driving back and forth to retail stores-we bring the store to you!

Most Important

Most of all we want you to enjoy your new flooring from, and tell your friends of your great savings! We’ve been providing floors for over thirty years and always appreciate new and returning customers. Once you have ordered and installed your flooring, we would love to see photos of your new completed project and we love to use actual customer photos on our website. So once your project is complete, please snap a few photos and send them to us!  And as always, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at 800-338-7811, email at or join us in a chat. 

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