Choosing the Right Carpet for You

Selecting Carpet

Carpet - nothing looks like it, feels like it or performs like it. It enhances the peace and quiet of your home by absorbing sound. It insulates against the cold, cushions your feet with comfort, and adds safetyhelping to prevent slips and falls and protecting dropped objects from being damaged. And because carpet is a key decorative element in the home and a major purchase, you must keep several factors in mind during your selection process.
Perhaps the most important things to consider are these: Does it fit your taste, and does it match your lifestyle?
This informative section was created to help you make a selection that best suits your home and your budget.

Before purchasing carpet, you need to answer the following questions:
How is the room going to be used?
Will it have heavy or light traffic?

Will the room be the center of activity for family and entertaining?
Is there direct access from outside, or will the carpet be away from entrances?
Will the carpet receive direct sunlight?

Where there is to be heavy traffic (usually the family room, hallways and stairways), choose the best carpet you can afford. When shopping for carpet, look for performance rating guidelines with various brands of carpet. This rating system offers guidance on choosing the carpet that will perform best for various traffic needs. Most guidelines will be based on a 5-point scale, with the number 4 or 5 rating being best for the highest traffic areas. A 2 to 3 rating is good for areas with less traffic.

Quality Factors
The type of fiber used and the way the carpet isconstructed determines the basic performance of the carpet. Quality canbe enhanced by the way the fibers, or yarns, are twisted and heat set,and by the density of the tufts. Deep pile height that's denselytufted, has a luxurious feel; however, pile height is really a matterof personal choice and does not, in itself, denote durability.

Carpet Color
Because it covers so much living space, carpet is the foundation of your room's dcor. It can be a neutral color, blending in with fabrics and other surfaces; or it can be a vibrant focal point of the room, making a statement that reflects your style. The selection of carpet color is a very personal choice. Carpet comes in almost every color, pattern, and texture you can imagine. You will want to select a color that unites your decorative elements and creates the atmosphere you desire. Ever-popular beige carpet can make a room look spacious; but for a bolder statement, look for a common color in your furniture and draperies. Choose a carpet with a similar hue. Environmental colors, like blues, deep greens, rosy quartz, and stony neutrals are becoming increasingly popular. Warm colors can turn up the heat in a room that lacks light, while cool greens and blues have a calming effect. Lighter colors make the room seem larger; darker colors provide coziness.

There are also practical considerations in carpet color selection. New stain and soil resistant technology makes today's lighter color carpet much easier to clean, allowing more decorating options. Medium and darker colors, tweeds, and textures will help disguise common soil in your home's high traffic areas.
Choosing The Best Carpet For Pets
Our pets are more than just an animal... they're part of the family.  So of course we want every family member to be comfortable.
When choosing any carpet always consider color and the ability to hide the little things.  A carpet with a little fleck of color is always a great choice as it will help with most dirt or debris tracked in by little paws until you are ready to clean.
Dogs usually have a tendency to lay in the same place and you may notice rapid soiling in those areas.  This is a result of oils on the dogs coat acting as a magnet for dirt and debris so always keep that in mind and have a cleaning plan for those areas.
You might also want to consider that berber / loop carpets are not a good choice for pets, and can potentially be a problem with some pets.  Your pet's nails can potentally snag a loop, pull it, and cause damage.  In the event you choose a loop carpet and a loop is pulled up or snagged by a pet do not cut it!  These problem can be averted with choosing a cut pile carpet.
Carpet Cost
Your budget and your needs are two key elements in selecting carpet and rugs. There are a wide range of choices and costs from which to make your selection. Ask yourself how long you expect to keep your carpet before replacing it. A better grade of carpet will give you a greater length of service than one of lesser quality. Buy the best carpet you can afford for the heavy traffic areas of your homehalls, stairs, and family rooms. A medium grade will provide good service in rooms with less trafficbedrooms and guest rooms. The cost of carpet is based on many factors, including fiber, construction, quality, and design. The total project will include the cost of cushion and installation. Be wary of the cheapest products or services. Be sure and ask us for a complete cost estimateone that includes carpet, cushion and freight. You may be pleasantly surprised at the savings that you will have.