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Carpet your church, school or building with a Gym Carpet Court for a Profitable Investment!

Many commercial and nonprofit institutions, including high schools, universities, community centers and church facilities, have had to work with restricted funding and budget shortfalls in recent years. Savings in construction and remodeling in these facilities has become more important than ever before, and reducing the cost of commercial flooring and carpeting and multi-purposing rooms are 2 ways to accomplish this.

A multi-purpose room or building reduces maintenance, staffing, and overhead costs. Newly constructed buildings and older buildings that have permanent commercial gymnasium floors installed will be able to serve diverse needs such as for public events, sporting events and ceremonies.

The using gym carpeting for commercial flooring can make any space suitable for a number of purposes and the carpeting not only provides a great decor, but also reduces echoing in the room, making sporting events, worship services, speeches, musical performances, parties, and ceremonies more enjoyable for attendees.

These commercial carpets used for gyms are not only useful, but also VERY durable and we install the floor for you the commercial gym carpet is made of a heavy, durable fiber that can withstand years of use. This carpet material is stain resistant, which will keep it looking nice for each event that takes place. The backing is 12-foot' wide Gym Pro Backing System, which will eliminate slippage with minimal seams while keeping the gym carpeting secured for years of service.

Constructed from an advanced generation duracourt yarn systems, the vibrant colors are permanently locked in for the life of the carpet. It is easily maintained and will not delaminate or ravel when properly installed.

Choose Gym Carpet for its superior thickness, rigidity, acoustical qualities, durability, and floor protection characteristics. This carpet makes an ideal flooring solution for concerts, test taking, upscale parties and other events requiring sound absorption.

When your facility must serve many functions, our gym carpet collections are the solution. A multipurpose floor covering, Our Gym Carpeting will transform from a durable recreational court by day to a gracious dance floor by night.

A true multi-purpose floor covering, our Sport Floor carpeting for gyms perform as a sports surface as well as a warm multipurpose floor for many Gymnasiums, Health Facilities and especially Church Family Centers.

The use of gym carpeting to convert an athletic playing court with wood floors into a multipurpose room that can enable an organization, school, or convention center to host a variety of events in one setting. This ability to accommodate a more diverse group of gatherings can open up new streams of revenue, increasing the profitability of the facility.

10 Reasons To Choose Gym Carpet for your Court:

  • Lower material cost
  • Lower installation cost
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Noise level reduction
  • Can be repaired
  • Up to 25 year limited warranty
  • Provides a warm setting
  • Available in a wide range of color options to compliment your interior design scheme
  • A truly multi-purpose floor covering Provides cushion underfoot

For more 30 years, churches, schools, consumers, contractors and dealers have looked to for beautiful commercial gymnasium carpet. A leader among wholesalers, has pioneered better price, quality and consistency of producing fashionable Gymnasium carpet at competitive pricing.

We use our experience to help you make the best choice for your floor covering needs with the newest flooring technology available. We are on our 3rd generation gym carpet court installers who carry more experience in Gym Carpet installation than anyone in the industry.

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