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Nylon vs. Polyester: Which Material Is Best?

Great question! There isn't really a 1-2-3 easy answer for which fiber is best. It has a lot to do with the application and what performance you need from the carpet. Let us see if we can do each fiber justice.

Nylon is considered to be the best wearing fiber, yet also the most expensive and some would even go so far as to say over priced. It has NO stain resistance and has to be chemically treated to resists stains. This adds costs for the chemical and...

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BCF  an abbreviation for Bulked Continuous Filament yarn referring to synthetic fibers in a continuous form.  BCF yarn can be used in cut or loop pile construction.

Beck Dyed  a method of batch dyeing carpet.  A piece dye method.  The carpet is sewn into a loop, then hung on a large reel in the dye beck unit which moves the carpet through the dye.  This process is continued for a set time and achieves excellent color uniformity throughout the carpet.

Carpet Cushion
(also called padding) this is the...

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According to the Carpet Cushion Council, separate carpet cushion offers the following advantages to carpet installations:

Carpet cushion can add a useful life to a carpet
A common misconception made about cushion is that you can save money by increasing the pile weight of a carpet and eliminating the cushion. Actually, a cushion may result in more useful life in some carpet applications than slightly heavier unprotected carpet can offer.

Carpet is seldom replaced because i...

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3 Item(s)